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Ready to submit your project?

Use the below checklist to make sure you are prepared to submit

  • Check your project eligibility:

    • Project completed between Jan. 1, 2023 and March 15th, 2024

    • Trade projects must be self-performed by the company entering the project

    • No project with a safety related fatality, regardless of contractor trade, can be considered for an award
      (please reference Fatality Rule, Part A and Part B in safety section)

  •  A detailed description of your project; include why it is worthy of an excellence award

  •  Feature photo

  •  Endorsements and recommendation letters from the owner and/or general contractor

  •  Promotional or publicity content

  •  A minimum of 5 digital photos and a maximum of 10 are required at the time of entry – Please submit combination of BOTH landscape and vertical pictures.

  •   Project Safety Information to include OSHA Forms 300 &
    300A and Safety & Health Policy Manual

  •  List of subcontractors and suppliers

  •  A $250 application fee, per application, due at the time of submission.

My Saved Entries:

My Submitted Entries:

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